fetch (slurp) wrote in j_kennedy_fans,

Yo. I'm new here, even though this place looks kinda dead, but I'm hoping I can liven it up ^-^ I'm usuing an icon I took from a link posted here, hope that's alright. Credited in keywords.

Just for discussion... I first noticed Jamie in Scream 2. I was so upset when Randy died, and was like "why him?" And I figured I had to know who the actor was. Became obsessed with him for a while (I'm over it, though I still love him as an actor). I bought a bunch of his shittier movies like Sparkler. Tried to convince my friends to see Bioler Room. I think most people noticed him first in the Sream movies, though. did anyone notice him somewhere else first? (other than his new show, cause that doesn't count).
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