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Hello all

Heya, just been diggin' Jamie lately. We can talk about how sexy he is right? And my real name is Jaime too! But call me Avery. Anyway thanks for making a place like this! His show is the funniest thing I've EVER seen! I love the paperboy skit and where all that crazy stuff happens.

Anyone else have any dreams about him? My recent one was this date thing I had going on with Jamie. Well, here is a bit of it. I want to hear if anyone else had any dreams about Jamie! :D DO tell!

I had just gone out with Jamie Kennedy or we were dating. Then he had another date with some girl I wasn't happy about but just kept it to myself anyway, jealous. We were at some almost theatre type of room with chairs and well, they were off and having their date and I was hanging out with my family watching some comedy presentation on stage or some screen. Then it was over and he asked us which of us he needed to take home first and I said I didn't need to go and she just walked out the door, and it was a good sign. I sat down next to my brother Josh and Maria (his wife) and my sister n law Gina were next to him. Gina began to ask me like why I didn't do anything! And I was like, "What am I suppose to do? They are on a date!" And then she went on how that woman was driving Jamie crazy asking him all these questions and I should have done something to get him out of it, but I told her I wanted to play it cool and not act dependent or something so sat back and said I wanted him to chase me, not the other way around. I was VERY confident. Jamie came back (I think he took her home, dunno) I felt slightly heartbroken but he went off near the front to watch and my brother Jason was behind him slightly and my family went on with this secretive plan to get him to come over to me. So my brother said something to Jamie like they were close friends (they acted like it) and told him he forgot his popcorn. Jason, my brother threw the popcorn to Josh my other brother and told me to eat some so Maria (my other sister n law) and I ate some popcorn trying not to laugh our pants off because we were stealing Jamie's popcorn. I couldn't stop laughing when Jamie looked back and caught us eating his popcorn and I covered my mouth in this funny position and froze like that, which nearly had Jamie laughing outloud. Jamie had this, "Ah huh!" Sexy, I gottcha look on his face and my sister n law was trying to hide while I just froze my mouth stuffed with popcorn and hands still over my mouth. So yes, their plan I think worked but I woke up.

Well, this probably will be my only post about drooling over him, I don't want to drive people crazy, lol. ^_~
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